What’s in a name?

Quite a lot, for us here at Cosmopole. As soon as she stepped into the brave new world of consulting, our Corsican founder Claire knew that she wanted to build a hand-picked team with diverse backgrounds, nationalities, languages and cultures. A diverse team represents beautifully the demographic of the UAE, our home away from home. But more than anything, a multicultural team means that an unparalleled level of creativity is applied to all our work.

The name Cosmopole perfectly summed up Claire’s vision, meaning ‘a group of people from around the world’ in French.

Claire’s unique (odd, some may say) combination of Corsican, Scottish and Australian heritage, her work around the globe (she’s covered all continents bar Antarctica!) and over 12 years here in the UAE, makes her a pretty good candidate for the job of developing a truly cosmopolitan team.

With people from around the globe (France, India, Spain, Lebanon, USA, Sudan, the Philippines and the UK, to name a few of our home countries), the Cosmopole team is a true reflection of our name. And we harness this diversity every single day. Our respective experiences, perspectives, opinions and personalities make for a melting pot of discussion, debate and learning. While it may not always be a walk in the park for Claire to manage us and our differences, our diversity makes us who we are. Our values – Passion, Pragmatism and Integrity – reflect the fact that we have a shared vision and approach – to do good by being good. After all, we have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.

And let’s face it, there are a few perks of being part of an international team – sampling delicious homecooked South Sudanese fare, tasting sweet Indian delicacies, biscuits from Valbonne, and stockpiling the finest British tea (Tetley of course!) so the office cupboard never runs empty.

Our varied backgrounds also make us a stronger partner for our clients – we take a 360 view with no blinkers. We know our audiences intimately. We know that certain strategies will succeed better than others, based on our experience of different regions and sectors. Between us, we have created and advised on global brands, led an international conservation NGO, and worked alongside governmental departments from multiple countries. We are well versed in the region, and have a healthy understanding of what happens further afield. The industries and sectors we have specialised in are as wide ranging as you can imagine.

We bring all of this diversity, experience and knowledge to each and every one of our clients. From those running small local businesses to others bringing international companies to market here in the GCC, with Cosmopole they get an extension of their team. In a world that is rapidly changing, we are a trustworthy constant for our clients. We are pragmatic. We are passionate. And we work with integrity.

We are Cosmopole.

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